Rolex Datejust Gold Mens Replica Review

Rolex Datejust Gold Mens Replica

Have you always wanted to own a watch from Rolex but you just couldn’t because of the high price? Original watches from this brand belong to the high and mighty. The good thing, however, is that you can still make your dreams come true by purchasing a replica watch. Rolex Datejust Gold Mens replica, for example, will enable you to boost your ego and also make you realize your full potential.

This watch looks exactly like the original one and even functions just like it. Everything about it depicts class and sophistication. With this knockoff, you’ll b become a celeb since everyone you come across will compliment you.

Rolex Datejust Gold Mens Replica
Rolex Datejust Gold Mens Replica

Specifications of Rolex Datejust Gold Mens Replica

Most people make the mistake of not going through the features of the replica watch before purchasing it. Doing this will make you get a watch that you’ll regret to have bought a few months down the line. Ensure that you check every critical detail of the knockoff you wish to purchase, and you’ll always get the best.

That said, these are the features of the Rolex Datejust Gold Mens Replica luxury watch.

The Dial

This knockoff comes in a gold dial that gives it an overall classic look. The watch has marching gold hour hands with some white details, gold second hand and gold hour markers. Flash your wrist when wearing this timepiece and everyone will marvel at the view.

The crown logo comes positioned at hour marker 12 just like in the original watch. The name Rolex comes engraved around the dial for authenticity purposes as well. The date window placed at hour marker three has a white background that contrasts with the dial making it easy for you to read its contents.

A transparent sapphire crystal encloses the dial keeping it safe from dust and water. Should it come into contact with a ray of light, the glass shines brightly giving the watch a very stunning look.

Rolex Datejust Gold Mens Replica
Rolex Datejust Gold Mens Replica

The Case

The replica has a brushed stainless steel case with a thickness of 12mm. The fact that the case’s color contrasts with that of the dial gives the watch a very stunning look, one that would make every watch enthusiast go for this timepiece.

The case has one 18k yellow gold plated steel screw-in crown with the Rolex logo for originality purposes. The crown helps in setting the time on your watch and also enclosing it and keeping it safe from water damage.

This replica has a stainless steel push-in case back which has the green Rolex logo stamp making it resemble the original watch. The case rear helps in shielding the knockoff from water damage. What you need to know is that even though the model claims resistance to water, you should never expose it to too much of it if you want to have it with you for long.

This knockoff does not have chronographs and thus no pushers that you would mostly find on the case of a watch with subdials. This feature also lacks in the original as well.


This Rolex Datejust Gold Mens replica luxury watch has an 18 karats yellow gold plated bezel that matches with the contents of the dial contributing to the overall classic nature of this knockoff. The resemblance of this timepiece and the original is indisputable, and it will only take an expert to tell the two pieces apart.


The replica has an automatic movement, one of the features that makes it luxurious. Due to this movement, you won’t have to keep on winding the knockoff from time to time to maintain accuracy. All you have to do is to ensure that you wear it regularly. To keep the watch in good shape, you need to avoid exposing it magnets or submerging it into the water.


The replica has a two-toned link bracelet in stainless steel and 18 karats yellow gold plated steel. The bracelet has a fold in deployment clasp with the Rolex logo for originality purposes just like in the original watch.

The Rolex Datejust Gold Mens Replica Watch Customer Satisfaction

The watch will enable you to go about your daily activities as programmed. You will attend meetings on time, plan your daily schedules appropriately and also help you to keep track of time. With tis knockoff, you’ll run your affairs smoothly as you’ve never before.

The watch will also make you step out in style since it can match with most outfits. You will never go unnoticed while wearing the watch. The attention you have always craved for will come your way so long as you have this knockoff with you.

Bottom Line

Go for the Rolex Datejust Gold Mens replica watch and become the man you’ve always craved to be. With this timepiece, you’ll command a lot of respect and most importantly, get to save a lot of money that you could have spent while going for the original.

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