Swiss Rolex Datejust Champagne Dial Diamond Bezel Gold Jubilee Bracelet 1454098 Replica Review!


Replica Gold Rolex With Diamonds review

The Datejust Collection from Rolex has been widely replicated for its classic representation of a modern yet fully functional fashion statement watch. It is then not surprising that is just one of bestsellers in both genuine watch and replica markets. Surprisingly, the sparkling diamonds encrusted in gold dial and bezel is something that any man or woman cannot resist.  While Rolex tried to innovate and bring the modern twist from the classic elegance to a more dazzling (literally) and sophisticated, the market for replica watches is thriving. I don’t mind owning a few knockoff watches. It’s because no one seems to notice! Can you imagine that? In case you don’t know, my replica gold rolex with diamonds is made from the sturdiest material and superb craftsmanship to be able to produce a watch that is identical to an authentic Rolex watch. Rolex has its own trademark and only the watch masters know how to recognize it.

replica gold rolex with diamonds
replica gold rolex with diamonds

Why buy the replica gold rolex with diamonds watch?

A replica gold Rolex with diamonds is already a standalone signature piece for a man and a good start to mix and match other jewelries, clothes, bags, and other accessories. I love the luster of champagne gold as it is not too flashy nor plain. Undoubtedly, the combination of stainless-steel and gold is a strong starting point for a very durable watch. You may not be able to get a real Rolex, but you have the chance to know how it feels like as close as it can get. Accordingly, being the leading innovators in oyster watch collections and luxury watches with diamonds, owning a genuine Rolex has become a status symbol. There are those who can afford a real piece but I will settle for a replica since it’s what I can afford. How can I complain when I’m proudly wearing a fake watch that guarantees the same efficacy, function, durability, beauty, dazzle, and sparkle?

Comparison of replica gold rolex with diamonds with the genuine model

The impeccable design of genuine Rolex is unbelievably copied in replica gold Rolex with diamonds. There is a variety of face watches at where you can choose from. When I say unbelievably copied, I mean it literally! Take for example the bracelet. First, the band material is made from stainless-steel plated with gold and thickness to withstand daily service. Moreover, the bezel encrusted with diamonds makes a replica gold rolex with diamonds a supreme necessary piece of jewelry among men and women.  The sweeping second hands are moving flawlessly  with Swiss ETA quality in automatic movement. No hint of ticking sound which is a real bummer for fake watches. Or so they say.  Real diamonds will always have its own clarity and charm but the hour markers of a replica is close to its perfection.

replica gold rolex with diamonds
replica gold rolex with diamonds

Main Features of replica gold rolex with diamonds

Replica gold rolex with diamonds is at par with the leading grade AAA  watches in the market today.  Since most people  are trying to save and still hoping to get the best things they can get for their money, fake watch users are increasing by the day.

Dial – Champagne gold blends well with the diamonds replacing the hour hands. Covering the dial is a scratch-free durable Sapphire crystal.

Bracelet– Made from stainless Steel, 190×20 mm bracelet length is plated with 18karat gold  to every gentleman’s liking.

Case– Champagne yellow gold plated case for sophistication.

Movement- The kinetic – automatic movement is preferred by many over battery operated movement.

Replica gold rolex with diamonds: The Bottom Line

I did a simple fact check.

  • A genuine Rolex model is available on its official website online.
  • Second hand sweeps smoothly without ticking.
  • One screw down crown.
  • Clear inscription on dials.
  • The bezel matches the color of its model and dial
  • Radiates elegance and durability

Above all, I realized that all these are features in my replica gold rolex with diamonds, too. As a result, I am really getting my money’s worth.


Additional Information for replica gold Rolex with diamonds

Band Material-Stainless Steel, 190×20 mm bracelet length

Case Thickness-13 mm

Series: Datejust

Dial Color-Champagne Gold

Diameter-45×36 mm


Glass-Sapphire Crystal

Movement-Kinetic-Automatic Movement

Quality-Swiss ETA

Shipping Size-S


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