Replica Rolex YachtMaster 116655 Rose Gold Watch with 3135 Movement

It appears that VS factory has concentrated on producing replica Rolex watches. In the past two years, they have released replicas of the Submariner and Datejust. Now, VS has expanded to create replicas of other Rolex models, including a new Yacht-Master replica in rose gold. Although their Omega Seamaster and Panerai replicas were previously star products, VS has not stopped producing them. However, they are not keeping large stocks, so ordering these models may require a longer wait than usual.

The rose gold Rolex Yacht-Master replica from VS factory is based on the older Rolex model with reference 116655. Clean factory also released a rose gold Yacht-Master, but it is the newer model 126655, each featuring a different movement. I expect VS factory to release the 126655 replica soon, as their clone 3235 movement offers a significant advantage over other factories, including Clean.

The case of the Yacht-Master 116655 replica is made with 904L stainless steel, coated with a layer of rose gold. The thickness of the gold is unknown, but it is unlikely to be very thick. The case measures 40mm in diameter and about 12.5mm in thickness. The bi-directional rotating bezel features a black ceramic insert and 120 clicks. Rotating the bezel is smooth, similar to the experience with the genuine watch. Each lug has a small engraved icon on the back.

Inside the replica watch is a clone 3135 automatic movement. The old 116655 from VS uses this clone 3135 movement, while the new 126655 from Clean has a clone 3235 movement. There is no significant difference in quality among the clone 3135 movements from major factories like Clean, VS, VR, and GM. Due to improved watch-making technology, the stability and accuracy of the clone 3135 movements from each factory are comparable, putting them in the same class.

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