GMT-Master II 126718GRNR and 126713GRNR Replicas from OW Factory

OW Factory, it is the first time for me to introduce this factory on my blog, also it is the first time for me to know it. I am not sure if it is a very famous factory, I did some search online, some people said they only produced replica sneakers before, and the watches they made have a lot of negative feedback. Usually I only introduce those big famous factories on my blog, for example, Clean, VS, EW, GM, VR, BP, ZF, etc. Once there are new models available from the Swiss brands, they are not the first to publish the new replica Rolex. Usually, the replicas of the latest models from the Swiss brands are published by some unknown watch factories. The prices are also very cheap, but the quality can not be very high.

The new Replica GMT-Master II models 126718GRNR and 126713GRNR are the latest 2023 models from Rolex. They just came out and were made by OW factory, which also published the first replica of Oyster Perpetual Bubble. About the two GMT-Master II, one is full yellow gold, and the other is two-tone. How is the quality? I think not good. Check the gold color; it is not real yellow gold. On these two models, the gold looks a bit dark; the color is not correct, so it is meaningless to care if it will fade. The gold coating may be very thin on these two watches from OW factory, so it looks cheesy.

Hope Clean factory will make these two soon, but I do not think they have a plan in a short period. Maybe we need to wait until October, or even longer. But about the golden Submariner and golden GMT-Master II replicas, Clean always makes the correct gold color. So once a new replica comes out, do not buy immediately, the first one is usually not the best version, and there will be better versions made by more famous watch factories.

In addition to the concerns about the quality of the gold coating, the movement’s reliability is another significant issue. Many feedbacks suggest that the movements in OW factory’s replicas are not very durable and often require frequent servicing. This adds to the overall cost of ownership and diminishes the value proposition of these cheaper replicas.

Moreover, it’s essential to consider the after-sales support offered by these lesser-known factories. Unlike the more established ones, such as Clean or VS, smaller factories like OW often lack a robust customer service system. This means that if any issues arise with the watch, getting it repaired or replaced can be a challenging process. Therefore, it’s usually worth waiting for more reliable versions from the top factories, even if it means a longer wait.


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