Clean Factory Replica Rolex YachtMaster 226659 Falcon’s eye

When discussing the YachtMaster 226659, it stands out as one of the top-selling imitation 1:1 top Replica Rolex timepieces over the past couple of years. While the authentic model is crafted from platinum, the replica version utilizes 904L stainless steel. Despite this, inquiries persist about the possibility of crafting the replica with solid platinum. However, such a feat is deemed implausible, as any replica boasting solid platinum or gold components would classify as a Frankenwatch, commanding a price tag in the thousands of dollars.

Regarding the replica Rolex YachtMaster 226659, the consensus points to the version produced by the VS factory as the preferred choice, despite several factories manufacturing this watch. Notable contenders include Clean, GM, EW, and VS, each with its own merits. It’s challenging to definitively declare one as superior, given the unique strengths of each factory. Nevertheless, the VS factory‘s rendition holds considerable popularity. That said, Clean distinguishes itself with a superior bezel, while its movement, a clone Shanghai 3235, boasts an impressive nearly 48-hour power reserve.

Today, I’m excited to introduce new replica watches from Clean factory, featuring a variant of the YachtMaster 226659 known as the Falcon’s Eye dial. The genuine counterpart can be found on Rolex’s official website. Currently, only Clean factory produces this new replica. The Falcon’s Eye dial showcases a distinct visual effect, possibly due to its unique material. While this effect might not be immediately apparent in images, it becomes evident upon handling the watch. This marks the primary deviation from previous releases of the 226659.

With a case diameter of 42mm and a thickness of approximately 13mm, the replica weighs around 120 grams compared to the genuine watch’s 160 grams, resulting in a noticeable difference in hand-feel. The bi-directional rotating ceramic bezel, satin-finished and adorned with high-gloss markers, creates a striking contrast against its base. The rubber band emerges as a standout feature, faithfully replicating the construction of the authentic counterpart. Powering the watch is a Shanghai 3235 movement, renowned for its reliability and stability over years of testing in the field, albeit without the extended power reserve of the Dandong 3235.

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