Clean V2 1:1 Super Clone GMT-Master II Pepsi available

The Clean factory introduced its replica Rolex GMT-Master II with the blue/red bezel and jubilee bracelet approximately two years ago, back in June of 2021. At that time, the watch was equipped with a clone 3186 movement, despite some sellers wrongly claiming it utilized a 3285 movement. However, the movement plate clearly bore the engraving “3186,” highlighting a significant flaw in the super replica rolex GMT-Master II Pepsi with Jubilee bracelet. Fortunately, in recent weeks, Clean has developed the Dandong 3285 movement and begun installing it in their GMT-Master II replicas, effectively rectifying the previous flaw. Visual inspection of the movement plate reveals the “3285” engraving, confirming the upgrade. The V2 GMT-Master II Pepsi models now in stock feature the new 3285 movement, albeit at increased prices compared to before. It’s worth noting that Clean’s replica watches, particularly their Daytona and GMT-Master II models, command premium prices, surpassing those of their counterparts produced by Noob.

Recent weeks have seen a surge in interest surrounding Dandong movements, including the Dandong 4130, Dandong 3235, and Dandong 3285. While details about the Dandong factory remain limited, it is known to be one of the oldest watch factories in China. Over the past few years, Dandong movements have gained traction, being utilized in various super clone watches such as the Clean Daytona, VSF Datejust, and Clean GMT-Master II. Notably, the Dandong 4130 movement in the Clean Daytona and Dandong 3235 in the VSF Datejust have demonstrated exceptional stability and accuracy, boasting minimal issues within the industry. The Dandong 4130 movement is currently employed by several watch factories, including Clean, BT, and New N, whereas the Dandong 3235 is exclusively authorized for use by VS factory, ensuring the best quality in VS watches. As for the Dandong 3285, prospective buyers should anticipate extended wait times, approximately one month, for any replica Rolex GMT-Master II watch equipped with this movement from Clean factory. Efforts are underway to address this delay, as demand for these watches among enthusiasts remains high. Additionally, rumors suggest that the Dandong 3285 movement in the new V2 GMT-Master II boasts a remarkable 3-day power reserve.

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