Rolex Skydweller Rose Gold Fake Watch Video Review

Rolex Skydweller Rose Gold Fake Watch Review

New line of Rolex Skydweller watches and clearly by the looks of it this will be a new classic for Rolex in just a few years. It’s still a Rolex watch no matter how you look at it and as subtle and as small the changes are the face it is so much different from all of the other Rolex models. Glad to show you guys this Rolex Skydweller rose gold fake watch  review today so you can get a really good view from all angles on what this Rolex replica is made out of.

Rolex Replica

Nice fluted bezel on an all rose gold plated stainless steel case. The back case and the clasp are also rose gold plated stainless steel so all the details match really good in here. The markers and hands are polished rose gold too and you can see the Rolex engravings on the inner bezel in the picture above. Scratch-proof crystal looks good too and it’s well placed on the case. That chocolate brown dial kills it and it looks legit all the way.

Replica Rolex Movement

Movement is an automatic self-winding Japanese and it feels really good specially when setting the date and the 24 hour center piece. The date has such a nice click to it and the movement feels really solid because of that. Keeps time well and has a power reserve of over 24 hours so no need to re-set if worn daily or maybe even every other day should work. Seconds hand sweeps nicely so this fake Rolex is pretty legit in my book. Just remember that the real one goes for about $33k so it’s definitely not a cheap Rolex.

Rolex Skydweller Rose Gold Fake Watch Video Review

It’s probably one of those not so easy to accessorize pieces but whether you match it with your outfits or don’t match it at all and let it stand out it’ll pretty much do the trick on it’s own. It’s one of those fake watches that need no introduction or flashing because they do it on their own. It’s a very modern rose gold piece and a very classic setting too, being made by Rolex.

Press play on the video below and feel free to give me your feedback or ask any kind of questions about it. There are always more replica watches reviews on my homepage so feel free to roam around and see some more good quality replica watches reviews.

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