Rolex Copy Watches – The Return Of The Cellini Dress Watch

Rolex Cellini Replica Black Dial Rose Gold Case Black LEather Strap
Rolex Cellini Replica Black Dial Rose Gold Case Black LEather Strap

Usually, when we think about Rolex copy watches, the first models that come to mind are, without doubt, the Submariner, Daytona or even the more classy Day Date or Datejust. What many overlook though, is the Rolex Cellini replica collection, a range made out of only elegant dress watches, perhaps even overshadowing the more sophisticated Oyster timepieces.

These Rolex copy watches are a very elegant representation of the classic timepiece – 3 hands (hours, minutes, seconds), one that was reinterpreted by adding complications such as the date display, in order to keep up with modern times, when everything is on the go and information has to be right at the top of your fingers. Of course, the Rolex Cellini Date replica brings a hint of utility in an otherwise ultra-sophisticated design.

The Cellini watches share only basic features with their Oyster brethren, as they use different dials, cases, crowns and bracelets.

The guilloche dial of a Rolex Cellini replica adds a lot of character to a design that doesn’t really stand out, as does the ultra-thin fluted bezel. These Rolex copy watches are amongst the few that don’t use the famous Oyster case, opting instead for a domed caseback with flutes around the edges, reminding us of Rolex’s glamorous past.

Everything about a Rolex Cellini replica is refined, classic and almost gives out a sense of nobility. Even the Rolex Cellini brown leather strap is conceived to wrap around the wrist at the most formal occasions, where the tuxedo is a must and sophistication is the only path to take.

Perhaps the best feature of these Rolex copy watches is the proportions, casually fitting wrists of any size, looking not too small, but no too big by today’s horological standards.

From a tad humorous point of view, I dare say that a Rolex Cellini replica is a mature Datejust, who left all its sporty features in the fast and focuses only on one thing – refined elegance.

That being said, which Rolex Cellini replica do you see yourself wearing? Leave your comment below and let’s see which one gets the crown!

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