A Rolex Replica Made To Impress – The Sky Dweller

Rolex Sky Dweller Replica Rose Gold Case Brown Leather Strap
Rolex Sky Dweller Replica Rose Gold Case Brown Leather Strap

What exactly makes a Rolex replica such a popular timepiece? I guess there’s no point denying that these watches are the industry best-sellers, a status that they have rightfully earned due to their superior quality and great looks. And while some Rolex replica lines are a bit trendier than others, that doesn’t mean that watches like the Rolex Sky Dweller don’t have their unique charm.

While the spot light may be stolen by other Rolex replica lines, the Sky Dweller is one of those watches that you rarely see, this only adding to the “wow” factor. And yes, that is exactly what this rose gold Rolex watch does – it wows, it charms, it entertains.

This Rolex replica had a tremendous impact on the market right from the moment it was released, in 2012. First of all, we all know that Rolex is considered to be one of the most conservative brands in the business, so new collections don’t come around that often.

Secondly, it featured brand new complications and a whole new dial layout. The bezel is reminiscent of the Day Date and Datejust models, the movement is contained in an Oyster Perpetual case and is held tightly around one’s wrist by a the Jubilee bracelet. Evidently, the Cyclops lens adorns the sapphire crystal and makes the date stand out.

The Rolex Sky Dweller replica features a brand new dial, in the center of whom we can see an offset disc, which keeps track of a second time zone, just like the GMT Master.

The best part about this Rolex replica is that comes in the same color/material variations like the original does. Having in mind that the original is available only in gold, in order to make it affordable to just about anyone, gold is replaced with highest quality stainless steel and carefully coated to perfection.

Whether it’s a white, yellow or rose gold Rolex Sky Dweller replica, you can find it here, and let me tell you, they’re all perfect!

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