Clean Factory Replica Rolex GMT-Master II 126713 Black/Grey Ceramic Bezel

This is the latest GMT-Master II watch recently unveiled by Clean factory. Alongside this two-tone variant, Clean also introduced a full gold model simultaneously. Today, however, we’ll focus our discussion solely on the two-tone model.

Moving forward, all GMT-Master II replicas from Clean factory will be equipped with the Dandong 3285 movement, widely regarded as the best clone 3285 utilized in Rolex GMT-Master II replicas. Alongside the Shanghai 3285 employed by C+ factory, these two movements stand out as my top recommendations when selecting a super clone GMT-Master II.

Additionally, I’ve noticed two intriguing developments. Firstly, Clean factory appears to be regularly changing the cartoon figure featured on the sticker of the case back. It seems that with each batch released by Clean, a different cartoon figure adorns the back. The reason behind this frequent change remains unclear to me.

Secondly, although this replica Rolex GMT-Master has been available for two weeks now, it’s worth noting that some Trusted Dealers’ websites still do not feature this particular watch.

This GMT-Master II 126713 replica undeniably qualifies as a super clone, but is it worth purchasing? My answer leans towards yes, but with a caveat: it might be prudent to hold off for now and wait for Clean factory to make further improvements. Clean is known for continuously enhancing the quality of their replica watches, and I anticipate that they will do the same with this model in the future.

I suspect the first area of improvement will likely be the bezel. The black and grey ceramic bezel on this new GMT-Master II replica may not be flawless, with noticeable color variations. In fact, it’s been observed that most GMT-Master II replicas from Clean factory exhibit some degree of color difference on the ceramic bezel. Notably, just a few weeks ago, Clean implemented improvements on the blue/red ceramic bezel of the Pepsi GMT. While the movement is top-notch, the bezel on this particular GMT-Master II 126713 replica may not be up to par at the moment.

At present, there are four factories producing this replica watch: Clean, GM, OW, and EW. Undoubtedly, the highest quality version comes from Clean. The GMT-Master II from GM factory is also commendable, offering above-average quality but falling short of reaching the super clone level. For those seeking a more affordable option without compromising too much on quality, EW presents an ideal choice.

Therefore, my advice would be to exercise patience and await the upgraded version. However, if you’re particularly fond of this watch, purchasing it now is still an option. It’s worth noting that the gold plating, a concern for many buyers, appears to be of good quality, with each side of the golden links fully plated with yellow gold.

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