What you should know about fake Rolex

fake rolex

Before diving out on an online replica watch shop that offers affordable fake Rolex, there are certain things that one should consider first.

1. Why do people buy fake Rolex?

There are a lot of reasons why fake Rolex collectors prefer buying the replica versions than the authentic ones. An enthusiastic watch collector ones have said that fake Rolex are crafted by knowledgeable, dexterous, and most of all highly detail-oriented experts who devote for hours of scrutinizing the original version and devote themselves just to ensure the accuracy of replication of original Rolex watches. In addition to that, these replica watches craftsmen also have access to the same machines that are utilized in creating the original ones, these experts talented enough to duplicate even these apparatuses. But there is a lot more than the dexterity of the experts and their identical machines, it is still necessary for them to use the finest materials that have the same appeal to the eyes of everyone, especially for the potential wearer of these fake Rolex watches.

fake rolex
fake rolex

As a result, the craftsmen could achieve the quality they have meticulously worked for. Everyone could hardly notice the difference between the fake Rolex and the authentic versions in terms of their aesthetics. Precise reproduction is what these replica specialists are offering as if these fake Rolex watches are created by the original artists. These watches are impossible to tell apart except for one point, fake Rolex watches are for sale on a cheap price that anyone could afford. That is one of the frequently said reasons why most watch collectors keep purchasing replica Rolex watches instead.

How to spot a fake Rolex

But despite how precise these fake Rolex watches are made, there are still lapses according to MillenniiumWatches.com which are almost indiscernible you should still watch out for that some replica specialists missed. Below is the list on how to tell if what you have is fake Rolex:

  1. Cyclops: Original Rolex watches are capable to magnify the date window 2.5 times. But some fake Replica watches are usually not equipped with a magnifying function for the date window.
  2. Etched Crown:  Modernized original Rolex watches are designed with micro-etched crown located at 6 o’clock.
  3. Waterproof: fake Rolex watches are only water resistant and not waterproof. Therefore, these watches are not suggested to be worn during a shower or dived under water from the fact that it will not endure such an extent.
  4. Bracelet: original Rolex watches must be heavier than the fake Rolex watches because it is composed of much more solid and compact materials.
  5. Rehaut: original Rolex watches are carved with an array of numerous “ROLEX” encircling between the dial and the bezel.
  6. Caseback:  original Rolex watches do not have see-through of the movement or carved Rolex casebacks.
  7. Lettering: the letterings on the dial, whether carved or printed, are rough to be consistent.
  8. Crown: authentic Rolex watches have the Rolex crown with three dots.
  9. Serial Number: Located on the rehaut at 6 o’clock, the serial number is carved at the side of the case.
  10. Dial Font: the way how the fonts are perfectly printed inside the dial without any flaws is a criterion for the authenticity of the Rolex watch.
  11. Movements: There should be no audible ticks from the second hand as well as there also must be a carved Rolex on it.
  12. Clasp logo: Aside from having a Rolex logo on it, the ballpoints must also have perfected such distinctness.

The small details that Rolex is providing for their watches are truly hard to imitate. However, these lapses from fake Rolex Watches can be avoided nowadays by replica specialists who are capable and clever enough to determine and execute such tiny details to achieve perfection for fake Rolex watches.

  1. Are replica watches worth buying?

Budget friendly! Some watch collectors commented surprisingly how overpriced these original Rolex watches are even though these watches are obviously made out of simple materials.  Based on them, it is not practical at all to buy luxuries that are offered to unreasonable prices just like some authentic Rolex watches. Well, you do not have to push yourself if you still can’t afford an authentic Rolex watch. There are fake Rolex watches offered to anyone who has a low budget for such luxuries but wants to experience the same feeling of wearing one. Indeed, replica watches are worth buying!  Fake Rolex watches will certainly deceive everyone to think that you are a high roller. Due to the highly accurate imitation of most replica watches, the wearers will still undergo the atmosphere of sophistication and class, as well as they could create their personal style without incurring so much cost.

fake rolex submariner
fake rolex submariner

Beyond Expectations! This is the perfect option for people who have a tight budget but crave for the best high-quality Rolex watch. Based on first-timers of buying replica watches, they expected to see plastic-look watches. But after they have unboxed the watch package, they were in total surprise and delight at the same time. A YouTuber had said he bought 3 fake Rolex watches because these serve as his motivator for his monetary goals, and one of it is buying an authentic Rolex watch in the future. Therefore, we could say wearing a replica watch does not only fulfill the desires of the wearer to flaunt and dress elegantly, but it also to drastically enhance their personality even more.

  1. What is the most popular Rolex replica series? Rolex Daytona, Rolex Submariner, Rolex Sea-dweller, or Rolex Datejust?

There is a tough competition between these various Rolex replica series. Rolex has offered series with distinct traits in terms of detailed designs and movement. But of course, there is this exceptional Rolex series of watches that stand out above all.In the market of Rolex replication in 2017, the most in-demand Rolex replica series is the remarkable Rolex Daytona! Rolex 16523 Daytona 1992 Winner replica watch is the one that sells the largest numbers from all series of fake Rolex watches. By its two-tone steel watch body and yellow gold dial including the yellow gold bezel with external-ring gauges of the speed meter as special attributes, the fake Rolex watch must have provided satisfaction to its wearers.On top of that, there are well-known celebrities that are avid fans of authentic Rolex timepieces:

  1. Adam Levine

American singer, songwriter, actor and the lead singer for the pop rock band Maroon 5. As an avid fan of Rolex, he owns a lot of these authentic watches including the Daytona Paul Newman ref. 6241. With its white dial, black registers, and red minute track on the periphery, the American singer must have fallen in love with it.

fake Daytona Paul Newman ref. 6241
fake Daytona Paul Newman ref. 6241
  1. Ed Sheeran

An English singer, songwriter, guitarist, record producer, and an actor who has a wide variety of watch collection including Rolex. Ever since he has a display of different high-end watches, he already developed his sophisticated taste. In the picture, he looks classy wearing the vintage Daytona Paul Newman ref. 6241 when he sang at the stage of 2014 Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show.

replica rolex Daytona
replica rolex Daytona
  1. Ellen DeGeneres

Here is an American comedian, television host, actress, writer and producer which is also a watch aficionado, wore Daytona ref. 6241 and compliments to her suit throughout the 2015 People Choice awards.

copy Rolex Daytona
copy Rolex Daytona

These and much more celebrities are definitely hooked with the striking aesthetics of Rolex Daytona. No doubt, fake Rolex Daytona could also make you look as classy as them.


  1. Where can I find the best replica Rolex?

There are a lot of online replica watch shops out there that offers affordable deals. You just have to be wise enough to pick the best replica watch that they are selling.

buy rolex replica watches
buy rolex replica watches

One must not only look only to the appealing aesthetics. You don’t want to be deceived by the stunning designs of such replica watches as if they have all that it takes as a high-quality timepiece, right? Therefore, the quality movement must also be considered in choosing the right fake Rolex watch. Even though you can’t have a first-hand experience with the replica Rolex watches, there is still a chance for you to scrutinize them. Aside from looking at the comments, there is a product description provided on every single replica watch that you will see on every online replica watch shop. There, it is given what kind of movement it offers. Below are the 3 quality levels of replica watches based on its materials made and movement:

  1. Asian Movement: this isnormally constructed using alloy materials which results in a substandard quality.
  2. Japanese Movement: crafted out of stainless steel and called the “AAA+grade” due to its firm material yet sold for an affordable price.
  3. SwissMovement: by far the best quality that replica watch could ever possess from the fact that it is made out of ceramic, titanium, and 904L stainless steel. This level of quality is typically called as the “1:1 clone