VS Factory Replica Rolex Daytona 126500

Last week and this week, all the news in our market has revolved around the Daytona 126500. First, BT factory released their Daytona 126500 replica featuring the Dandong 4131 movement. Shortly after, SB factory, also known as VS, introduced their version of the Daytona 126500 replica, equipped with the SL-4802 skeletonized movement that lacks any engravings. You can see the image of the movement below – it’s a completely unbranded movement, but VS offers the Daytona with this unbranded movement at a very affordable price.

Yesterday, VS factory also released their Rolex replica with the Dandong 4131 movement, which includes all brand markings. It looks stunning; please see the following pictures. Many people are thrilled with VS factory’s announcement of the Dandong 4131 Daytona. They seem convinced that this Daytona from VS will surpass the one made by Clean. However, I’m not so sure. This is VS’s first attempt at making a replica Daytona, while Clean has extensive experience in this area. It’s not wise to rush into purchasing this Daytona from VS just yet. If it genuinely poses a threat to Clean, Clean will likely reduce their Daytona prices, so it’s better to wait. Many reviewers claim that the Dandong 4131 is superior to the Shanghai 4131. While I agree that the plate decoration is better, the stability and accuracy still need to be tested – it’s not the same as the Dandong 4130.

In light of the recent releases, it’s essential to remember that the market for replica watches is highly competitive, with each factory striving to outdo the others. While new models and movements can be exciting, it’s crucial to consider the track record and expertise of the manufacturers. Clean’s long-standing reputation in the industry is a significant factor to consider, especially when stability and reliability are concerned. Therefore, while the new offerings from VS and BT are promising, patience and careful consideration will ensure you make the best choice.

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