The Release of Replica Air King 126900 from Clean Factory

In 2022, Rolex introduced the Air King 126900, a fresh addition to their lineup. While retaining elements of its predecessor, this model boasts notable modifications that keen observers may have already discerned. Today, I’m excited to present the latest replica Air King 126900 produced by Clean factory. This replica has likely caught your attention before, as it’s previously been manufactured by two prominent factories: GM and JVS. GM operates discreetly within our market, maintaining a reputation for consistent quality without extensive marketing efforts. On the other hand, JVS emerged during the twilight of VS’s operations. Notably, JVS has established itself as a factory quick to replica Rolex, offering competitive pricing compared to authentic VS models.

When it comes to the Air King 126900, historically, many enthusiasts have turned to JVS for their replica needs. While JVS offered a commendable version, there was widespread anticipation for Clean and VS to produce their own rendition. Just a week ago, Clean factory unveiled their 126900 replica, filling a gap that even VS has yet to address. Therefore, at present, I believe Clean’s offering stands as the premier replica of the Air King 126900 on the market.

When comparing Clean’s replica to those crafted by JVS, Clean undeniably holds several advantages. Notably, Clean’s attention to detail is evident in the solid axis of the hands set, a feature lacking in JVS’s rendition. Furthermore, the superior finish on both the case and bracelet sets Clean apart, surpassing even the Rolex replicas produced by VS factory. While VS may boast about their Dandong 3235 movement featured in models like the Datejust, Submariner, and certain Oyster Perpetuals, it’s essential to recognize that movement alone does not determine overall quality. Each factory has its strengths; for instance, Clean’s Datejust exhibits finer dial finishing, particularly evident in the subtle sunburst lines compared to those of VS’s Datejust. Additionally, feedback from clients suggests that Clean’s Datejust offers a superior clasp experience.

For those prioritizing an extended power reserve, VS’s Datejust with the Dandong 3235 movement, boasting nearly 72 hours, may seem preferable. However, it’s worth noting that the Shanghai 3230 movement powering this replica Air King offers a respectable 48-hour power reserve and boasts exceptional reliability. Many dealers attest to the Shanghai 3230 movement’s minimal issues during extended usage, making it a compelling choice. It’s also worth mentioning that VS factory currently lacks a clone 3230 movement in its repertoire.

Clean is always changing the packaging and sticker of their watches, look at this Air King, the plastic cover has a very cute cate, the sticker with factory name “CLEAN” and “3230 super also looks different from that of previous watches. At last, I want to share the pictures of the two new Daytona watches Clean just published, one is with a ice blue dial, the other in rose gold with a champagne dial, both have diamond hour markers.

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