Replica Rolex: Saving Time For Travellers

replica rolex for travellers

FIND yourself thinking of acquiring a replica rolex timepiece? Then, you may want to visit the Swiss luxury watchmaker’s newly-opened boutique the next time you’re at the Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA).

Watches purchased at the store are duty-free, and subject to the 6% goods and services tax.

Upon entering the store, clients are greeted by a wide selection of classic models as well as the latest popular ones, such as the Daytona, Yacht Master and GMT collections.

replica rolex for travellers
replica rolex for travellers

Some of the models in the spotlight are the GMT-Master II – Yellow Rolesor, the Submariner – 904L Steel and the Yacht-Mater II – 904L Steel.

Built to convey excellence and elegance, the store is a combination of walnut wood, bronze and leather accents – all warmly lit to envelop clients in a welcoming and luxurious ambience.

Strategically located at the airport’s international airside, the 79.89sq m store also features plexiglas that has been moulded to look like waves.

This is meant to represent the sea and is a nod to the Oyster, the world’s first waterproof wrist copy rolex submariner steel red rubies / white mop face watch rolled out by Rolex all the way back in 1926.

In line with its aim to provide clients with great service, the boutique also welcomes enquiries and reservation for watches that they wish to purchase. This will enable speedy, hassle-free transactions.

Customers can pick their watch up on the way to their gate or on the way out.

The boutique also marks a 20-year relationship between Valiram Group – Asia’s leading luxury brands retailer and owner of Swiss rolex submariner steel green bezel & silver string diamond dial Gallery – and Malaysia Airports Holdings Bhd.

rolex submariner replica date in 904l steel with black dial
rolex submariner replica date in 904l steel with black dial

“One of the things we have learned to appreciate and treasure over the years is the collaborations and relationships that ensue,” said Valiram executive director Sharan Valiram.

“We are delighted that Malaysia Airports chose to partner with Valiram to create this spectacular Rolex store at KLIA 1. This, once, again puts KLIA on par with its peers in Bangkok, Singapore and Hong Kong.

“Valiram’s long-standing partnerships with Malaysia Airports and fake rolex gmt master ii steel watch is a testament to the trust and confidence in our collaboration.”

At the opening ceremony, clients and members of the media checked out the high-quality timepieces Rolex had to offer while enjoying some delicious canapes.

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