Find The Ultimate Daily Watch Among The Rolex Explorer Replica Watches

Rolex Explorer II Nato Strap
Rolex Replica Explorer II Nato Strap

Rolex is one of the most respected brands in the world that has certainly earned its place in the world of iconic wristwatches. The Explorer was first introduced in 1953 and since then the Rolex Explorer replica watches have been updated permanently becoming more and more improved without losing the original look and form.

This particular watch comes with a stainless steel oyster case and bracelet, a black dial with luminescent indexes and very easy to read Arabic numerals, a flat bezel and curved lugs. You really couldn’t want more from this Explorer with minimalistic design and excellent function that also has a very appealing look. That’s why so many people love owning and wearing the Rolex Explorer replica watches.

I for one have not been a fan of the Explorer from the very beginning. I’ve seen them on various occasions but always ended up passing them by in favor of other Rolex replica watches because they were a bit too small for my taste. That was just until recently when I noticed the new Rolex Explorer replica watches and I noticed they were larger and had a more substantial feel to them. The oyster bracelet with its total redesign of the old clasp was another improvement I noticed.

The redesign of the Rolex Explorer took place in 2010 and the enlarged case is probably the most noticeable change giving it a more substantial look and better visibility. The dial is also larger and the matte black finish improves visibility. The scratch-resistant sapphire crystal glass is surrounded by a smooth flat bezel that is specific to the design of the simple, elegant and clean Rolex Explorer replica watches.

I find the combination of the matte finised dial, the bold markers and the professional hands really great as it expresses that these watches put simplicity and function over looks. Too many embellishments would just keep this watch away from its original purpose.

If you too have had doubts regarding the Rolex Explorer replica watches in the past, I hope that my review made you reconsider them. It really is a shame to overlook this amazing timepieces and I strongly believe that they deserve a second look. Don’t be surprised if you’ll get hooked by them as well!

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