An Adventurous Rolex Replica – The Explorer II

Rolex Explorer II Nato Strap
Rolex Explorer II Nato Strap

What is the Rolex replica that immediately springs to mind when asking just about any watch enthusiast about his favorite Rolex?? Well, chances are it’s not the Explorer. Unrightfully underappreciated, the Rolex Explorer II replica is certainly one of the most daring collections, while still managing to blend together a sporty image with classy elements of style.

A Rolex replica created for those with an adventurous spirit… With a design dating back in 1953, the Rolex Explorer replica is just that.

Everything about the designs is straight-forward and very effective at the same time. The simple dial is very easy to read at only a glance, making it extremely useful when split second decisions are necessary. Of course, throughout the years, the original design underwent some changes, just to keep up with the market demands.

The modern Rolex Explorer II replica is available in stainless steel, with a fixed 24 hour bezel and a fourth hand with a GMT function either in red or orange. These functions may not seem useful at first, but their existence can be easily explained. While the first Explorer models were created mostly with mountain climbers in mind, the Explorer II was very useful for polar explorers, who couldn’t normally tell the difference between AM/PM, due to the lengthy days and nights (which last 6 month each at the poles).

However, is such a Rolex replica useful if one is not exactly an adventure seeker? I don’t know if my daily routine counts as an adventure or if I could make the most of such a timepieces on my daily ventures in the urban jungle. Is it okay to buy and wear a Rolex Explorer II replica for those like you and I?

Alongside other timepieces, this Rolex replica was made famous by none other than the king of cool, Steve McQueen, so, in short, it is okay to have it on your wrist.

You really should give the Rolex Explorer II replica a chance, especially if we’re talking about a true grade a Rolex replica, like this one here. You’ll only thank yourself!

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