A Rolex Replica Surrounded By Controversy

Rolex Replica YachtMaster II Blue Bezel Two Tone Rose Gold Braceelt
Rolex Replica YachtMaster II Blue Bezel Two Tone Rose Gold Braceelt

While most Rolex replica lines are considered to be conservative, some models are surrounded by controversy. Don’t worry though, rainforests weren’t damaged in the process and there are no GMO’s involved either. It’s all about marketing. But, do these controversial tactics really belittle a truly wonderful design?

If you haven’t already figured it out by now, the Rolex replica in question is the Yacht-Master II. Released in 2007, it was meant to be the successor of the earliest Yacht-Master line. Nevertheless, most aficionados consider it to be a completely new addition to the already existent collections.

When the first Rolex Yacht-Master design came out in 1992, it wasn’t very well received, as it was considered to be just a Submariner with a different name and a higher price. There was really no link between the name and boating world.

That’s not the case though with the Yacht-Master II replica. A true design masterpiece, it lives up to its name, being a true nautical sports watch, perfectly catering to the need of those involved in boat races. The white dial surrounded by a sky blue bezel is the perfect depiction of that freedom that can only be felt at sea. Available with an all stainless steel bracelet, two tone yellow or rose gold, it still is a statement of highly refined style.

This Rolex replica is, without any doubt, one of the most posh chronographs on the market. Its sleek, sophisticated looks go perfectly with any ensemble, from a ritzy designer suit to casual street wear, like jeans and a plain top.

The Rolex Yachtmaster II replica is one of those timepieces that instantly catch everyone’s eyes and no matter what cynics say about it, it still is an outstanding design.

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