Rolex Submariner Black Index Dial Oyster Bracelet Mens Fake Watch 116613BKSO Review

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Today we’re looking at this beauty. The Rolex Submariner 116613BKSO Replica. First lets talk about Rolex Replica. Rolex is ranked as one of the most powerful global brands. In Forbes recent list in 2014 it came 72nd in the world. Rolex produces about 2,000 watches per day, making it the largest single luxury watch brand.

Rolex was founded in London, England in 1905 by Alfred Davis and Hans Wilsdorf. Later in 1919 they moved their base of operations to Geneva in Switzerland.

Originally the company was called ‘Wilsdorf and Davis’. Their main commercial actually was actually importing  Hermann Aegler’s Swiss movements to England. Then they would go on to place the movements into high quality watch case created by Dennison and others.

 Let’s talk about the 116613BKSO.

This luxury Swiss made Rolex Replica Watches has a stainless steel case with a steel and 18kt yellow gold oyster bracelet. The case features an 18kt unidirectional rotating bezel, with a ceramic black top ring. The dial features the standard luminous dot hour markers, and luminous hands. This is seen in many Rolex models. There is a date display at the 3 o’clock positional. The watch also has a scratch resistant sapphire crystal glass.

The case diameter is 40mm with a thickness of 12.5mm. The bracelet is 8 inches in length and 20mm in width. The clasp for the watch is a fold over with safety clasp.

This Rolex has a water resistance to 300 meters / 1000 feet. To find out more information on water resistance please visit wiki page.

swiss rolex replica watches uk

This Rolex has a very nice classic Swiss style. You can also purchase it in a few different variations, all steel, different two tones. Worth checking out all the options before you make your purchase. I love the way the black dials compliments the light use of 18kt gold. I’m not a fan of overly flashy watches. So wouldn’t want too much gold myself. I feel this watch uses a sensible amount.

Alternative Reviews

In this section we take a look at some other peoples opinions on this watch.

Lucas commented stating ‘I wear my rolex everyday, and would not have it any other way. Worth every penny! My watch is almost 20 years old now.‘ Personally i’d wear this more on special occasions. But if you have plenty of luxury watches in your collection, then why not.

Now this next one i really enjoyed. Born2lead commented saying ‘I purchased this watch for myself after I lost my wife due to her homosexual tendencies and WOW!, it has certainly filled the void in my heart that she left when she divorced me. Definitely worth the $13,000.’ So i guess you can replace your wife with a watch. And a Rolex is a pretty good choice of watch to do that with.

swiss rolex replica watches uk

Our Score

We give the Replica Rolex Submariner 116613BKSO a 4.7 out of 5. As much as we love the swiss made replica watch. Here at ‘The Watch Blog’ we do include affordability for our readers in the ratings. If i had £17,000 to go blow on a watch. Yeah i would definitely be considering this. But the harsh reality is i don’t. One day eh!

If you do wish to purchase this replica watch, you can do so on Amazon for £16,999. Amazon offers a lot of protection for buyers, so when making a purchase of this size it’s safer to go with someone of their size.

If you have any more questions about this watch, just leave us a message in the comments.

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